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Dear Colleagues and Friends

It is our great pleasure to welcome you to the 14th ICAR, the Italian Conference on AIDS and Antiviral Research.

This year, the Conference claim “alliance to leave no one behind” highlights the spirit of 2022 edition. The HIV transmission curve is being influenced, perhaps for the first time, by ARV therapies and by the effort of the entire Italian scientific and clinical society to widely apply the concept of therapy for all, without limitations induced by immune or clinical levels.

It is time to make a qualitative leap in two directions. The first, to strengthen the alliance between all the scientific, clinical and social components that are committed in various ways in the fight against HIV/AIDS. The second, to reach the most fragile and exposed populations, whom the COVID-19 pandemic has made even more fragile.

Crises can be profound catalysts for change and generate new opportunities to create much more value over time: recent years have clearly shown that only by working together we can effectively address the multidimensional consequences of a pandemic. Based on what we learnt from the recent pandemic, we need to reflect on how the fight against HIV can be strengthen and become even more effective.

With this spirit we choose to support, through Scholarships and Special Awards, our young researchers, the non-medical health personnel, the Community of patient associations and volunteers.

At the same time, ICAR 2022 maintains its commitment to civil society in the prevention of infectious diseases, by offering free HIV, HCV and Syphilis Rapid Test to the local population, and by continuing to promote the RaccontART contest, now at its 8th edition, that involves high school students.

Special thanks go to the Scientific Committee and Secretariat, to the Abstract Coordinator and Reviewers, to our Faculty Members, to the ICAR Governing Board, SIMIT, to the Community of Patient Associations and Volunteers, Institutions, Scientific Societies, Schools and Students, to the Municipality and the Province of Bergamo and to our Sponsors who enabled us to involve and host hundreds of participants from all over the Country.

We are greatly honored to welcome you and leave no one behind in Bergamo!

Welcome to ICAR 2022

A. Antinori, M. Cernuschi, F. Maggiolo, M. Zazzi



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